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Follow your heart

You don't want to be alone anymore in dealing with your most stressful issues?

∞ You want to feel free and finally get a stronger sense of your inner world?

∞ Your professional or private situation is supposed to change for the better?

∞ You are ready to take better care of your health?

∞ Your hardships and worries should no longer dominate your everyday life?

∞ THEKI®-Consciousness Trainer

∞ Graduate Pedagogue

∞ Lecturer in Adult Education (EN/GSL)

∞ Trainer for Intercultural Courses

∞ International Project Manager

∞ Artist

∞ Australia Lover

Sabine D'Urso_Bild_21-01-25.jpg

What is THEKI® ?


The human voice has a way to vibrate differently in every person. The vibration of a voice depends on various factors, such as state of mind, intention, life experience or body shape to name but a few.

Allow my voice to affect you and if you resonate well with it you can find free audio files of meditations and deep body relaxation here:

Creative work makes my heart vibrate and fills me with great joy.


Playing with shapes and colours in endless variety leads to my art.


Here you will find a current selection of my works:

Audio & Kunst

Legal disclaimer THEKI®

Spiritual healing serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace treatment or diagnosis by a doctor or alternative practitioner.



Sabine D'Urso

Emmendinger Str. 26  |  79106 Freiburg

0761 59496940  |

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