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I need a mouth as wide as the sky to express the nature of a True Person, a language as large as longing."



∞ THEKI®-Consciousness Trainer

∞ Graduate Pedagogue

∞ Lecturer in Adult Education (EN/GSL)

∞ Trainer for Intercultural Courses

∞ International Project Manager

∞ Artist

∞ Australia Lover

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A person cannot be defined by their roles and titles alone. So, what else is there to say about me? I see myself as a builder of bridges between worlds. In our collaboration, we build a bridge together across to a world that is just waiting to be discovered by you. I also see myself as a promoter of every living entity, of people who want to feel alive and who want to open their heart.

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Wie ich arbeite

More thoughts

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∞ Life and our body are always for us.

∞ When we begin to open our hearts there may be accompanying symptoms. We may first notice a change in us through various symptoms, such as lack of health, feelings of stress or insomnia, and it is not uncommon for unpleasant feelings to appear in us at the beginning, which can make life difficult for us again and again.

∞ Our system (body, mind, soul) in it's core strives for balance. Therefore, I choose methods that allow you to come to rest and allow your system to reach an optimally balanced state.

∞ Everything in us is just waiting to be noticed and loved and even the smallest approach to our inner self, will very quickly have a significant effect on our well-being.

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