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Our biology is driven by our beliefs, not our genes. The latest discoveries in physics and biology are leading us into a future of hope and self-determination."

Bruce Lipton


What is THEKI® ?

THEKI® offers the possibility,

∞ to bring body, mind, and soul back into harmony.

∞ to recognise our problems as the results of a way of thinking that no  longer serves us.

∞ to recognise all limitations that prevent our body from working for us.

∞ to intentionally and above all lovingly activate our self-healing powers.

∞ to meet our needs and to transform them into power that works positively for us.

∞ to recognize our thoughts as forms of energy that work either for or against us.

∞ to respect our body in its wholeness from inside and outside.

∞ to finally feel so connected with everything again that our lives only make sense.

Was ist THEKI?

THEKI® works with issues like:​

∞ Vocation & Job

∞ Sense of Purpose

∞ Burnout

∞ Headaches

∞ Issues with Concentration

∞ Low Self-esteem

∞ Relatonship Issues

∞ Feelings of Stagnation

∞ and many more


THEKI®  Sessions

∞ also in German

∞ online, over the phone, in person

As a THEKI consciousness trainer, I work together with you on the issues that you bring with you and that clearly emerge during the session. In the first session we take a lot of time (approx. 90 minutes) to create the basis for this joint work on your issues. A session lasts between 45 minutes and usually no more than 90 minutes.


Procedure of an individual THEKI consultation

You come to me with an issue and describe your starting point. I connect with source and direct my attention inwards. The connection allows me to recognise the information from source that supports your development process and encourages your self-healing powers.

After the input of specifically selected intentions, a healing field opens up in which everything in your overall system that supports your transformation process will show itself . I use all the (clairsentience) senses at my disposal to perceive everything that wants to reveal itself here. A world of images but also of entire sequences of images emerges inside of me, like in a feature film, each of which I will describe to you in detail. Most of the pictures have great symbolic character and are self-explanatory, so that I will be able to immediately give you my reading.

In addition to the images, I also receive individual words or whole sentences, which I render to you in wording. Sometimes I will be sensing individual body perceptions myself. Here, your system sends me clues in a very concrete way as to which feelings a certain topic would have triggered in your body. During the entire individual session, I do not hold back any messages or hints, but tell you everything as precisely as possible.

During the THEKI session I am always open to your questions, comments or suggestions. Imagine the situation as in a dialogue in which I am in charge and you are allowed to enter into a relaxed, receptive attitude. The interpretations of the images, words and feelings I receive should end for you with a feeling of coherence and harmony.

During each session, the main focus is on the transformation of blocking or destructive beliefs, convictions or feelings that make your life difficult over and over, but which have not yet been completely resolved for you. Even if you have long identified the origin of these thoughts and feelings in your life, they are still being 'triggered' in you again and again. My targeted questions to source lead us to the most destinctive situation in which the issue first showed itself. We thus go to the root of the problem and usually do not have to 'work through' all the other situations of a similar character.

One after the other, blockages, biographical pain points and issues dormant in the subconscious are pointed out so that we can look at them lovingly and value-free and then 'dissolve' them step by step, i.e. transform them. The primordial trauma is dissolved in each case and each transformation is only complete whenever the character of the image sequences has clearly changed. The images and 'film scenes' now radiate a clarity, calmness, brightness and very often a touching warmth and beauty. Your body feels comfortable and relaxed and your overall state feels balanced, or even elated and powerful.

THEKI Sitzungen

Legal disclaimer around THEKI®

Spiritual healing serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace treatment or diagnosis by a doctor or alternative practitioner.


Behind THEKI®  

The way we think about ourselves in our world is the way our circumstances are. If we go through the same daily routines repeatedly, we also feel pretty much the same every day. This is how we programme our brains and bodies for a future that becomes more and more predictable.

When we cling to beliefs that make certain things, experiences, or actions impossible, we are subject to similar limitations over and over again. However, if we free ourselves from these convictions, it can change our whole life for the better.

In THEKI consciousness training we look at unfavourable beliefs and replace them with new ones that have a harmonising effect.

THEKI Wissenswertes


Anyone who has already dealt with the basics of quantum physics and epigenetics is trained to steer their mind in directions 'beyond the most trodden paths'.

There would be much to say about the reasons why THEKI influences a being's self-healing powers. In case you want to delve deeper into the background of the effects of frequencies and energies, I recommend the literature of Gregg Braden, Dieter Broers, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynn McTaggart and Bruce Lipton, to name but a few.

You can also find a wide range of information on the topic on the THEKI-website:

THEKI Preise

THEKI®  Costs

A THEKI session is charged at € 120,- per hour.

On weekends and holidays the hourly rate increases to € 140,-.

After the consultation you will receive an invoice.

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