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Course of the River

Look at the course of a river. Sometimes it runs straight, but most of the time it runs in a winding line. If you follow its course on foot, you never know where you are - on a straight or a winding line. Everything seems more or less straight. You always see only a section of the whole long river (course) in front of you. You are not interested in whether it runs straight or whether it actually makes a big curved bend. Only when you look from above can you recognise it - here is the straight part, there --more often -- are the bends.

The view from above can cause fright. Oh dear, I still have to go that far! Oh dear, I have to go so far around a bend, when I could take a short cut by going straight away from the river. Oh dear, I have run several kilometres in vain! Your heart grows heavy at the sight; it could grow heavy with the weight of the realisation of wasted energy, time, leg power.

Do you see now that it takes a strong heart to recognise the big picture, to look at it, to take it in? Do you see now how it is not given to all to recognise the big picture. It is not for the faint-hearted, not for delicate minds.

Walk this path along the river with a happy heart. Rejoice in its beauty.

Can it be that where the river has made its way is really the ideal course?! That the energies are "in flow" there, that they flow in an optimal way. Can it be that the path that is shorter, that then leads through forest and thicket, is energetically more arduous?! That this path demands more strength, endurance, vitality and liveliness as a tribute than the path along the river?

What does this mean for my life?

You follow the course of the "inner river". Whenever it begins to "energetically falter", you stop, feel your way back to the course of the inner river. Go this way, with ease, with feelings of joy, magic, momentum in your step, with laughter and liveliness! Wherever it falters, you have strayed from the inner path. People have an inner compass that is infallible, that can be relied upon.

What do you really care if the river makes a long, sweeping bend when you are walking along its entire course with a light step and a happy heart?!

Who says that haste is necessary and that you should quickly fight your way through the thicket (dense energy)?! That is what the "old human" thinks who does not yet enjoy high consciousness. He thinks - I struggle along the short path through the thicket (dense energy) with great difficulty, groaning and suffering injuries, and at the end of the short path I reach the bank of the river again, which I had left for a while for the 'short path' and, yay! I have gained time, arrived at this point of the riverbank faster than others who are still following the course of the river. And behold, their deception is manyfold:

Not only have they 'lost many feathers' on the 'short path', not only do they arrive at the bank of the river deeply exhausted, but moreover they do not even suspect that they can never again meet the others who follow the course of the river with ease. They reach such a high vibration (energetically) through the many metres they have walked along the energetically optimal path (river) that even when they reach the same place where the 'short walkers' are standing/staying, they cannot be perceived by them at all. It is almost as if the river walkers, river runners, float over the others (short walkers).

This is one of the many secrets of energy and how it works on different frequency ranges, levels, oscillation levels.

Follow your inner flow. Follow where it is easy, where joy arises, where people laugh, jump and sing! Thank you!

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