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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The Pianist

She shuns all people

now giving herself to them completely

creating a unique dance with her audience

Steps forward to the beloved grand piano

A glance shyly roams the listeners

Never puts herself in their clutches

Sits down in the familiar spot

A brief pause sharpens every sense

The fusion only succeeds with her tilted head

Waits for the subtle sign

The first note leads deep inside

A play of colours tunes her in even further

Each sound brings forth its own colour

Light and dark merge

Red, blue, green create a fever in her

So grateful is she for this fulfilment

Adagio is only a word to her

The senses lead her to a secret place

To her audience she is clearly visible

Within she sinks completely

Worlds of colour are now blurred

Her arms take a firm grip

Guide her fingers over the keys

Sometimes fast and then again without rushing

Perfection lives in her

The sound permeates the room

She lets it go like a dream

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