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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Many moons come and go. Your strength does not feed from the moon alone. Follow the waves of the movement and the movement of the waves. Moons come and go, imply an illusion of (linear) time. Waves show the movement of cycles. A cycle has no real beginning, no real end. Cycles work against the linear thought. Are outside of anything linear.

Question: What does this mean for me and my life?

Pick any point (moon/sphere/globe) in the cycle and know that it contains all points. Travel from A to B and you have not shifted one millimeter. Waves best describe 'that-which-is'. Waves can never stop being, they intertwine infinitely and waves never had a beginning. The whole existence is/are waves. 'All-that-is' is/are waves. You live in a sea of waves, you are (a) wave(s). Waves can never be perceived separately from each other. Just as you can never be separated from 'All-that-is', or perceived separately. This shows you -- any separation is an illusion. Any sense of separation - no matter how real it feels - is an illusion, a mis-perception in a sense. When you follow the course of your own wave, you will notice that its course is endless. Its being is endless, thus has no beginning and no end. Your existence is endless, has no beginning and no end. This is beyond your mind. But your feeling can sense it!

Your feeling says: I am at home wherever I am! - I have no beginning and no end! - My being can never be felt without the being of others (waves)! - Since I don't feel where my beginning or my end should be, I also can't feel where the other takes his beginning, his end! - The 'I-am' is one sea of waves! - Inseparably connected! - Every separation is pure illusion! - Where I am, there is 'All-that-is'! - Flowing could just as well be called 'waving/undulating'. It flows - it 'waves'. - The feeling of infinity dissolves any feeling of loneliness.

The one who feels lonely and abandoned in his/her idea of the infinity of the cosmos, has not yet arrived at the core of his/her being. In a certain way that one has still caught him/herself in the illusion as a point instead of seeing, perceiving, feeling him/herself as a wave. Any perception of a point is an illusion! Nothing exists as a point. The perception of a point, always means a sensory illusion. So to speak a restriction on few senses, instead of the use of all senses!

"Nothing exists for itself alone", therefore any feeling, any perception of separation is an illusion, a mis-perception, a sensory illusion. Often there is a mis-programming underlying! Each and every mis-programming can be corrected during a 'lifetime'. The 'lifetime' itself is an illusion. The human being, the being who perceives that the whole universe 'waves', he/she/it can never feel alone, separate, but always only and exclusively connected.

Wake up from the nightmare of illusions and you are free from fear! Waves 'undulate/wave'; lines separate. Lines belong to the world of illusion!

If you think there is a line between joy and suffering, between crying and laughing, then you are still living in the illusion (of separation)!

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