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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

6. Januar 2021: The light wants to be born! Out of your heart into the whole world. Light is love and love cannot be put into words. Your breath connects you with the infinite love that always was and always will be.

Can you feel your breath, how it creates an openness in the chest area, how it allows the heart space to create vibration? Your calm breathing invites your soul to enter your body even more. The light of your soul spreads through your body and all your ethereal bodies.

Now your heart vibrates to the rhythm of the soul. When your being is inspired in such a way, there is no more room for fear. That which is now created by you has no beginning and no end. It is pure being, the essence of all life. Your loving heart touches people, whether they look at you or not, they feel your closeness, your warmth. Everything arranges itself in the highest harmony. Everything shows itself in its perfection and harmony. There is only one beauty in everything, the one expression of all life. Plants, animals, rocks, the elements, all being, also on subtle ethereal levels, everything arranges itself in perfect harmony, dances the one dance of love. Aliveness shows itself in its diversity, which knows no limits, endless giving birth to new, endless diversity. The dance is simply dance, love is simply love, the essence is pure stillness, the expression of a boundless melody of all be-ing, of infinite diversity.

Your heart vibration unravels the whole universe: starting from the small radius of your nearest surroundings, it vibrates its light, its love out into all levels, dimensions, out into the All-that-is. Nothing and no one remains untouched by its harmonious vibration. It moves through everything, harmonising, without resistance, full of joy and deep compassion. It vibrates your love as a human being, vibrates through Mother Earth, finds itself again (recognises itself) in the heart of Mother Earth, of Pachamama.

You vibrate together as one heart, bringing forth one light, one all-pervading grand light of love that orders everything that happens, exists, dwells and operates on earth (planet). Together you create the ordering principles of love. These have an effect on the earth and all its inhabitants. Every tree recognises itself in this love, resonates with this light-ful order. Every being feels the effect and joyfully engages with this one, loving vibration of Mother Earth. Every human being feels filled with this high, loving light vibration and can only think loving, unifying, compassionate thoughts, can only feel harmony within and outside of herself.

The animals are captured by this ordering vibration and turn to each other lovingly. They promote the living in other (animal) beings and change their feeding habits in a harmonious way. Humans and animals recognise the love of the plant world and honour and respect it in a harmonious way. All beings on earth live in harmony with each other, each being promotes life (aliveness) in its own harmonious way. All beings from the subtle ethereal planes have a harmonising effect on all material beings, and vice versa the same.

Mother Earth vibrates in the most loving, harmonious way that all beings (can) dream of together. The organising principle of love allows qualities such as love, compassion, joy, vitality, ecstasy, togetherness, communality, trust, being there for each other, helping each other because it is good, balance, abundance (where it serves the whole) to resonate. The vibration of love is changing this planet in a way that cannot yet be grasped in its entirety. The highest divine good, the highest divine order, work unhindered and freely. The high vibration that Gaia, Mother Earth now sends out as a planet, reaches all the surrounding planets, stars and brings the fabric, the divine matrix into a higher vibration.

So how can you say you have no influence on your world?! How can you continue to claim that you are not important?! That it doesn't matter how you think, how you dream, how you feel and behave?! Do you now realise what a great, essential influence you have in the process of creating a new, loving, vibrating world in which harmony and love, compassion and peace come forth? Your love in your heart space, your joy, your soulful life have a direct effect on All-that-is. You are infinitely loved! How could you not be important and valuable in this world, on/for this earth, for humanity, the animals, the plants and all subtle ethereal beings?! Know yourself and you will create a new earth!

In love!

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